How Intercontinental College students Can Apply English

  One selection for possible worldwide pupils is to use an English-language application like Duolingo or listen to English-language podcasts just like the British Council's LearnEnglish podcasts.

  Experts say Tv sitcoms have additional practical contexts in the English language and can assist prospective global students make improvements to their conversational skills, teach them about several cultural references and give them a greater idea of unique forms of humor.

  Adam Cookson, educational operations supervisor for Kaplan Intercontinental, suggests students often think they need to read in-depth educational article content or trustworthy newspapers. Though these might be excellent when learning for proficiency checks much like the IELTS or TOEFL, they might not enable when planning to audio purely natural conversing within a cafe or bar.

Students who prospect for teach English or Maths, are suited for the English language and Maths education programmes at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels offered

  "The language used in tabloid newspapers, sitcoms, truth Tv shows or soaps is likely to get far far more similar to the language you listen to exterior compared to the English made use of within the Ny Times or political documentaries. Spoken English is full of slang, idioms and phrasal verbs, and those are the places you happen to be probably to come back across them," Cookson says.

  "I grew up loving Western exhibits and audio so as an individual whose native language just isn't English, finding out it was the sole way I could keep up with and comprehend those things," says Hien Nguyen, a freshman from Vietnam within the College of los angeles Verne in California.

  Nguyen, who has not nevertheless declared her college or university major, suggests she would frequently problem herself by pursuing along with a film or podcast without the need of working with subtitles in her indigenous language.

  "I experience these Television set reveals have also aided me a great deal in improving my accent and turning out to be fluent in talking English," Arshad says.


Addressing the challenges in educating English

English focus has kids finding out overseas

There exists generally a door waiting to be opened in everyday life

The joy of training is that it can be by no means concluded

Immerse on their own in an intensive English system

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students will be encouraged to take degrees in two years
Students in England are going to be offered degrees in two years with a ?5,500 saving in tuition fees, says the universities minister Jo Johnson.
Undergraduate courses will be condensed into "accelerated" degrees, with fees 20% less than a three-year course.

Mr Johnson said he wants to "break the mould" of a system in which three-year degrees have "crowded out" any more flexible ways of studying.
The Office for Fair Access says the plan could help to widen opportunities.
The idea of a two-year degree had been proposed earlier this year - but this latest version has moved further towards making it cheaper for students.
More flexible degrees

Students would all take the same number of units and have the same amount of teaching and supervision, but it would be delivered in a third of the time.
As well as reduced tuition fees, students will save on a year's living costs and will be able to start working a year earlier - a package which Mr Johnson says could cut costs by ?25,000.
It would also be cheaper for the government, which would have lower tuition fee loans to fund, with this fee arrangement intended to be available from autumn 2019.
It is part of Mr Johnson's push for more value for money for students - after concerns that students did not think they were getting good value from their tuition fees.
It comes ahead of a wider review of fees and university funding expected in the next few weeks.
Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Jo Johnson says universities have to address value for money for students

The minister says the level of tuition fees strikes the "right balance" between the fixed costs for universities, where the teaching hours will be the same as a three-year course, and a reduction for students for less time on campus.
There have been previous attempts to promote two-year degrees, but Mr Johnson said the numbers currently taking them were "pitiful", with only 0.2% of students on such accelerated courses.
"I think this reflects that the incentives in the system are completely skewed against it."
The minister said he wanted to promote a more diverse and flexible set of choices at university level - in a market currently dominated by the traditional three-year, residential degree.
Attracting mature students

Numbers of mature students have been declining in recent years - and Mr Johnson says that the two-year degree model could be a much more practical option for them.
"This policy will be particularly attractive for mature students who are looking to change their skills and adapt to changes in the economy - and who might want to go through higher education at a faster pace," he said.

Mr Johnson said that if universities saw students being attracted by such courses, there could be a "snowball" effect which would result in such courses becoming widespread.
The universities minister says he wants to move beyond being "stuck with a system that has increasingly focused on offering only one way of benefiting from higher education".
Mr Johnson said he "massively supported" new providers such as Sir James Dyson's engineering institute, which he said provided the kind of innovation that had been "sorely missing in the system".

This is a high-quality, work-focused project, where students learn alongside leading engineers - and where students do not pay tuition fees.
Prof Les Ebdon, head of the Offa access watchdog, backed the calls for such fast-track courses.
"Accelerated degrees are an attractive option for mature students who have missed out on the chance to go to university as a young person," said Prof Ebdon.
"Having often battled disadvantage, these students can thrive in higher education and I hope that now many more will be able to take up the life-changing opportunity to get a degree."

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champion for deprived children

The Observer view on Ofsted as a champion for deprived children
Under the leadership of its former chief inspector, Michael Wilshaw, Ofsted’s annual reports became an important vehicle for airing difficult truths about our education system. It seems his successor, Amanda Spielman, remains committed to that tradition.

There is probably no need to avoid prescribing dipeptidyl-peptidase-4 inhibitors () for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) to elderly patients at risk of pneumonia.

On Wednesday, Spielman will use her first annual report to highlight how our education system is, perversely, most failing the most disadvantaged groups of young people. Some schools manipulate admissions to keep out children with learning difficulties in the first place; others move them

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“off roll” by excluding them so their results do not count towards a school’s position in the league tables. These children often end up shunted into underperforming pupil referral units or being home-schooled by parents unfairly pressurised into doing so, despite being ill-equipped. Young people in juvenile offender institutions are similarly consigned to some of the poorest-quality education provision in the system. With enough political will, there are fixes. But these marginalised groups of children have long gone ignored by the system.

There will still be a debate about how regulators such as Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission come to judgments about schools and hospitals. But their inspections system gives them a unique overview and their independence means they can speak truth unto power in a way others may find difficult. Long may it continue.
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